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Unexpected but true: Until not too long ago, discovering great vegan eateries in New York City had been method of challenging. Definitely you had your own mainstays and traditional hippie spots, but locating a classy destination to eat that had fantastic food to which you could potentially deliver a romantic date? Not taking place. (about perhaps not the way I fancy dates to visit.) alluring atmosphere, and slightly good drink never injured, either, but searching for those spots away used to be daunting and depressing.

Now, discover actually a large number of brand new locations beginning this season alone being infusing the vegan scene with a bit of spice—something it needed anxiously. Not too long ago, significant member Ravi DeRossi announced he was switching most of his 15 popular eateries to vegan-only—big development inside the veg globe. Here are a few more vegan places where you are able to impress a romantic date.

Maintaining it casual

By Chloe

(185 Bleecker St, 212-290-8000) provides everyday burgers, salads and sweets.

Blossom Du Jour

(259 W 23 St, 15 E 13 St) features relaxed wraps, sammies and smoothies.

Superiority Burger

(430 elizabeth 9 St, 212-256-1192) is home to sloppy joe’s, burgers and sundaes.


(41 elizabeth 11 St, 212-979-2288) provides amazing desserts as well as sorts of fascinating vegan hits.

Beyond Sushi

(75 Ninth Ave, 212-929-2889) supplies imaginative sushi in Chelsea Market. Get a beer through the the crepe spot.


(222 Waverly Pl, 212-691-1287) is the spot for falafel and incredible edges, plus great lemonade.


(60 W 23 St, 212-647-8810) features smoothies, burgers, bowls and soups, all yum.


(156 Fifth Ave, Park Slope, 718-928-8778) is actually a delicious Latin-themed joint with great empanadas and wine.

If you think you prefer the woman

Dirt Candy

(86 Allen St, 212-228-7732) is not vegan but it is very fascinating. If you can see through the strange sweets (onion dessert!), go after the savory stuff.

00 & Co

(65 next Ave, 212-777-1608) has fantastic drink and pizza pie. Casual but hot.

Mother of Pearl

(95 Ave the, 212-614-6818) houses interesting meals with a tiki theme. Appreciated the cooked buns.

Candle Cafe

(1307 Third Ave, 212-472-0970) is completely new US accomplished really. Casual and delish!


(12 E 32 St, 212-213-0077) is tasty Korean food: all vegan, extremely Zen.


(125 E 39 St, 212-228-4873, functions very long classes, great for getting some body you adore conversing with.

Candle 79

(154 E 79 St, 212-537-7179) is original, never ever unsatisfactory. The nachos give me personally existence.

Paulie Gee’s

(60 Greenpoint Ave, 347-987-3747) provides amy’s vegan pizza pie and good drink with a traditional Italian vibe.

Avant Landscaping

(130 E 7 St, 646-922-7948) is actually a romantic space for an attractive dinner.

U-Hauling (perhaps not vegan-only places but incredible tasting menus.)

By Itself

(10 Columbus Cir, 212-823-9335) will cost you a month’s rent to consume truth be told there, but it’s brilliance.

At Narcisa

(25 Cooper Sq, 212-228-3344), a miss throughout the vegan sampling menu is superior to hits for the most part locations you will definitely actually ever consume.

Blue Hill

(75 Washington Pl, 212-539-1776) can be brilliance and a good destination to suggest.


(160 Havemeyer St, Williamsburg, 212-782-3474) offers revolutionary meals completed really well. Expensive but possible.

Angela Lowe is a Brooklyn-based vegan chef and cheese-maker. She’s implementing a new collection about lasting vegan living introducing shortly. She life together with her many recovery animals. Go to the woman site at

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